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Like its competitors (such as Agoda), coupon has a loyalty program. This allows customers to ask for discounts at most but not all hotels, regardless of hotel chain or type. Every 10 nights at a hotel reservation, guests can announce the price at the subsequent booking. This decrease is equivalent to the average amount paid in those evenings. Exemptions, taxes and other restrictions are not reduced. The program, known as the “ Award” (formerly known as “welcome Award”), was launched in 2008 in much of the United States, Canada and Latin america. It then expanded to Britain and Australia in 2010, and more than 40 countries in 2011.

From the beginning of 2004, has released two times of international hotel price trend evaluation, called “ coupon code hotel price index”, according to the customer using a weighted average of each room to pay the price, according to the number of each room of the operation of the market.Information includes significant price movements and comparisons between destinations, hotel types, and other price related analyses over the previous six months. The hotel price index is published digitally and in print, designed to serve journalists, media and hospitality professionals as part of their public relations.

In the ad, coupon appeared in 2009, 2010, and 2011 with the name “Smart” (pronounced by Ed Helms). In 2012, the “smart” people are endowed with new eyes, as part of a new global brand was launched in April, his appearance from the clay animation to CGI, he is no longer the goat Hudou, together with his clothes from the buckle dress into a tuxedo, his face has also been adjusted.

In 2014, coupon code launched the “Captain Obvious” role, and they made an implicit comment aimed at expressing as an obvious choice. The campaign hotels.comwas designed by the advertising company Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

David Roche is part of the Expedia group, President of coupon.Mr Roche began to work in the hotel, as a jazz musician, after ten years of nomadic entrepreneurial activity, he found the, since then, it has already become a 34 language is the 150 thousand hotel online booking agency.Speaking of today’s business demos, Simon Jack, entrepreneurs explain how companies use the Internet to control the market.In 2001, the company bought the name of for about $11 million, which was considered a “crazy money””.”Now let’s look back and we’ll think about what’s cheap,” he added.

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