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The Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, acquired Extended Stay America in May 2004, the total price of $3 billion 100 million in cash and debt. At the time of the merger, Extended Stay America Promo Codes operated 475 hotels; Blackstone added that number, an increase of 132 from the Homestead Studio Suites. The homestead, established by the security capital in 1992, was purchased for $740 million in November 2001. All the Blackstone Extended Stay Hotel – including American Crossroads, Homestead, StudioPlus, live in the United States, eventually extended by Extended Stay Hotels – luxury brand management.

Blackstone sold Extended Stay America Coupons in June 2007 will be extended stay hotel at the price of US $8 billion to the Lightstone group. The deal, financed by $7 billion in debt, was one of billions of dollars in hotel and Casino sales in the year. In June 15, 2009, the United States Extended Stay America Promo Codes according to chapter eleventh bankruptcy protection. After the Great Recession destroyed leisure and business travel, hotel stay face two years ago by a leveraged buyout of Lightstone brought liquidity shortage. By financing the debtor, it can continue to operate, not face liquidation.

By July 2010, Blackstone, Partners and Centerbridge PaulsonCo. an investment alliance to bankruptcy auction of $3 billion 930 million acquisition of U.S. permanent u.s.”. After the reorganization, the Extended Stay America Coupons appeared in October 2010 of bankruptcy. A year after the collapse, Blackstone was “American resident America” creditors sued, “Blackstone charges excluding $2 billion 100 million sold to Lightstone, and know the amount of debt is not sustainable for the hotel chain; Black Rock Inc in June 2013 to $10 million settlement of a lawsuit.

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